User Data

TMW uses Google Analytics on our website to improve your user experience and provide you with relevant information:

Analytical Purposes

TMW uses Google Analytics to analyze user activity and demographics. We use this data to improve the functionality and user experience of the website, and to create better content that serves user needs more efficiently.

User Preferences

TMW uses Google Analytics to store certain user preferences on our website. We use this data to help reduce repeat tasks and increase the speed and accuracy of your searches on our website.


TMW uses Google Analytics and analytics from other third-party partners for marketing purposes. We use this data to help us tailor our marketing collateral and educational content to our users.

TMW may share this information with our business partners, affiliated companies, and other related third-parties. By using or accessing this website, you are consenting to TMW’s use of Google Analytics.
For more information on TMW’s Privacy Policy and use of analytics, or to get information on opting-out, please click here.

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